The Problem

Znood was born as a result of two common problems all Lebanese face: not knowing where to find a certain item and not knowing how to get to the place that sells the item we're looking for.

What's Znood

Znood allows you to look up your local stores, check their photos, and view their location on the map. Make sure to "like" your favorite stores and share ahead with your friends!

Znood on MTV

Why Znood

ZNOOD is "muscles" in Lebanese, short, buzzy and rings well. You'll never forget it!

Like Znood?

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The Znood Team

Abdo Achkar,

founder & ceo

Abdo Achkar

Abdo foresaw the potential of Znood while living at a walking distance from Facebook and Google's headquarters in Silicon Valley. He packed up his bags and came back home after living in the states for nearly seven years. Abdo's experiences are countless and very diverse which enabled him to master product design, creation, testing, and distribution. Abdo, while a perfectionist and lives by the motto "Everything less than perfect is worthless", also acknowledges that the path drawn by imperfection's breadcrumbs is what leads to perfection. Henceforth, Abdo is always in his users' shoes and has huge ears listening to them. Give him a shout at abdo@znood.com ! In his spare time, Abdo enjoys knocking the soccer ball around and having philosophical discussions about random topics.

For Abdo's professional profile, check out http://linkedin.com/in/achkar

Samy Haddad,

Business Development

Samy Haddad

Samy's uniqueness extends beyond him writing his name with a "y". His eye for avant-garde photography led him to become a professional photographer as well as a lecturer on the subject matter at multiple Lebanese universities. Prior to coming back to Lebanon, Samy spent three years in Sudan working in the publishing space. He helped the Ministry of Education design a geography book and lead the first commercial directory of its kind in the country. Upon his return, Samy pulled out his secret weapon, his excellent communication skills, and put it into works in digital media solutions. His myriad and diverse experiences as well as his deep knowledge about both the digital and the real world caught Znood's eye, instantly offering him a business development position where he oversees every minuscule step Znood makes.

Ad Achkar,

Photography & Art Director

Ad Achkar

Ad Achkar developed lenses where other people had eyes. During his academic life at USEK (Universite Saint Esprit de Kaslik) in the more cosmopolitan area of Beirut, Achkar found room to fine tune and bring into focus a talent that had chose him, animating his life. It is this very talent that bestowed unto him the highest academic degree given in USEK's history for his senior project, "God Bless Our Home."
A hunter of moments, Achkar perceives, retains and then creates bringing inspired reality created in the imagination to life. Achkar's photographs are born as a result of improvisational accidents, experiential reminiscences and a spur of the moment ultimately breathing life into still images.
Un-captured photographs are moments lost in time, an ideology Achkar finds to be be frustrating and yet eternally motivating. Time, space and reality seem to be in a constant struggle with him, but when looking through the lens of Ad Achkar it is evident to whom's will the image leans. For more information about Ad, follow this link to his website.